Klopp Dispels Van Dijk Injury Fears

FC Red Bull Salzburg v FC Liverpool - Friendly MatchPhoto by Michael Molzar/SEPA.Media /Getty Images

The defender went off with a head injury during Tuesday’s preseason match.

No one likes to see one of their players get taken off the pitch with a bleeding head injury. And when that player is Virgil van Dijk and the timing is days before the first competitive match of the season, the dread is even worse.

So when Liverpool’s superstar center-back went off in the 55th minute in the friendly against Salzburg on Tuesday afternoon, hearts were lodged in throats for Reds fans all over the world.

Thankfully, luck is on our sides this time, because the boss came out after the game and reassured everyone that van Dijk was doing fine.

“Virg only looks like he has a piercing now and has a plaster on it. It should not be, and is, no problem,” Klopp said. “In the moment it is of course not cool but there will not be a problem.”

So sleep soundly tonight, friends. The best defender in the world laughs in the face of a mere head wound.

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