CopaFemme 2019: All-women football tourney debut in Lagos

CopaFemme is an all-girls exclusive Football Tournament in Lagos, Nigeria. We are a non-profit organization that creates a safe and encouraging environment and space for young girls and women in Nigeria to express their athletic skills and be celebrated worldwide.

Furthermore aiming to give out profit to Sanitary Aid; this is a non-profit organization which makes it their duty to get to sanitary pads to girls in public schools and IDP camps.

At CopaFemme we have 4 main goals:

Break the stereotype of girls in sports: Our goal is to break the stereotype, cliché that women are not equipped for sporting activities through creating a platform for these women to show their skills.

Celebrate talented girls in sports: We have positive intention and aim to celebrate talented young girls in sports through acknowledging them and giving awards where they have excelled in these sporting activities.

Raise money for charity: We are firmly about supporting various female-focused causes in Nigeria and all profits generated will be solely donated to charity for a wider scope.

Make people have fun:  All work and no play will make Jill a dull girl like the wise saying goes, and so we seek to create a space for people, partners, participants, and supporters alike to have fun either through playing in the tournament or spectating.

Event Information:

The event will be holding on the 20th of July, 2019 between 11 am and 6pm at 39 Kusenla Road, Lekki Pennisula 2, Lekki. There will be 8 teams consisting of 5 players and 3 substitutions each. The winning team will be awarded a cash prize of N120,000(One Hundred and Twenty Thousand Naira Only) and the rest of the profits will be donated to charity. We will also have various gaily stands for vendors to showcase and sell their products. This will be a first of its kind event being an all-female football tournament focusing of women empowerment.

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