Balogun Criticises Aberdeen’s McKenna After Goalpost Incident

Leon Balogun is unhappy with the challenge from Aberdeen’s Scott McKenna, which left him in a heap on his debut for Glasgow Rangers.

Balogun made his debut for the Gers in Saturday’s league clash against Aberdeen at Pittordrie.

The centre-back, who joined the Scottish Premiership club less than a week ago put up a fine display in the game.

The 33-year-old appeared a bit dazed and dizzy after cracking his head against a post.

Balogun was not happy with the challenge from McKenna but believes he will soon get used to Scottish football.

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“Wow. I think it was McKenna who pushed me into the goal post,” Balogun said during his post-match interview.

“I wanted to get up but I couldn’t. It wasn’t quite lights out but it was a little bit tough for me.

“I carried on playing after that and it wasn’t too bad thankfully.

“Maybe I’ll get some dizziness and a headache later, but I have tablets for that, so it’s okay.

“Was I unhappy with the challenge from McKenna? Obviously, because it shouldn’t happen.

“But then again I didn’t die so it’s okay. It’s part of the game here, so I think it’s like a message, ‘Welcome to Scottish football.”

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